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    KP&P Protector Scoring System

    The Best Choice For A Fair Game - KP&P PSS
    It is not easy to judge fairly 100% as player’s kicks happens within 0.4sec.
    Often an altercation happens about the judgment which is difficult to overcome for Taekwondo to be an official Olympic sport.
    An electronic protector was developed in order to solve this problem,
    but until now the mainly used electronic protectors had their technical limitations.
    KP & P Electronic protectors is the gears of third generation in Electronic body protector
    and adopted film impact sensor that detects any impacts and proximity sensor that distinguish valid impact.

    KPNP PSS became further elaborated comparing the first-generation and second generation;
    this is the best product that can determine fair play of Taekwondo player’s.
    It will express same value in case of random wearing of KPNP Electronic body protector.
    If you want to see a stable wireless system with a thrilling game precedes that runs smoothly
    and continuously then choose KPNP PSS.
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